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Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic 250ml Review

Glow Tonic by Pixi Product Review



    The Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic($29.00 for 250ml) is an exfoliating toner made with 5% glycolic acid. Along with glycolic acid it contains ginseng to improve circulation and energize and aloe vera to soothe and hydrate. On the website it claims to refine the appearance of pores, balances, heals and soothes for radiant, healthier looking skin, and gently accelerate cell renewal to reveal a brighter glowing complexion.

    I have been using this toner for over 3 months now and it has quickly become one of my all time favorite toners. I have very oily, acne prone skin and also suffer from hyper pigmentation due to acne scarring. I use this toner twice a day after I have cleansed my face. One of the first things I noticed after about week was the difference in the texture of my skin. My skin was noticibly smoother especially when wearing makeup.

    After about two weeks to a month I noticed that I was having less frequent and less severe breakouts. I was also starting to notice some of my more stubborn acne scars were starting to slowly fade and my skin started to have a subtle glow. Along with this I noticed less whiteheads on my nose and tighter pores.

  This toner has a very pleasant scent and isn’t too overbearing. The packaging is quite simple which I like and I feel that 250ml will last you a good while because you don’t need a lot of product.

    This is a toner that I have seen amazing results from and claims to do what it says. It will definitely be a product in my skincare routine for a long time.