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Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette Review

    The Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette($42 for 0.28 0z) features fourteen shades( 7 matte shades and 7 metallic shades). The palette has a neutral color scheme with a lot of earthy tones. The packaging gives off a very luxury vibe. I love the velvet exterior of the palette along with the gold print of the pyramid on the front. The palette comes with a mirror in the inside and also comes with a dual sided brush.

  Lucid- is a metallic frosty gold eyeshadow. This shadow is very silky to the touch but goes on the skin very sheer. This shade would be perfect to be used in the inner corners as a highlight or even added to the center of the lid for dimension.

    Eden- is a matte coral eyeshadow. This shadow is also silky to the touch but applies to the skin a little chalky. It is not the most pigmented shadow but I feel that the intensity can be built up. This shadow would be perfect as a transition color.

    Unity- is a matte beige eyeshadow. This shadow is surprisingly pigmented for a light matte shadow and applies to the skin very silky and smooth. For darker skin tones I would use this as a brow bone highlight or to set my concealer on my eyelids.

    Sphinx- is a beautiful metallic bronze eyeshadow. This shadow is very pigmented and has good coverage. It is very creamy on the skin and applies well with just your fingers. This is the perfect shadow for a bronze, sun kissed eye makeup look.

    Osiris- is a metallic deepened violet eyeshadow with pink reflects. With one swatch the shadow does not apply to the skin very opaque but can easily be built up with multiple layers. This shade is very intense and is perfect for a dark purple smokey eye.

    Sphere- is a matte light yellow-green eyeshadow. This shade is not very opaque and goes on the skin very chalky. With multiple layers it’s intensity can be built up slightly. I feel that with a color like this you would need an eyeshadow base for the true pigment to show up.

    Obsidian- an intense matte black eyeshadow. This black eyeshadow is very opaque and can easily be built up to be very intense. This shadow applies very smoothly on the skin. This shadow is perfect to deepens up a look or just to create a very intense smokey eye.

    Dimension- is a metallic silver gray eyeshadow with a pink undertone. This has to be one of my favorite shadows in this palette. This shadow is very creamy and is very opaque with just one swatch. This shade applies well with your finger or a brush.

    Parallel- is a matte dark brown eyeshadow. This shadow applies very smooth to the skin and is very opaque. This shadow is the perfect crease color for medium to darker skin tones.

    Pyramid- is a metallic true gold eyeshadow. This shadow is very creamy and shows up very pigmented on the skin. This shadow applies very well with just your finger. This color is such a universal shade and will look good on anybody.

    Throne- is a metallic black eyeshadow with emerald reflects. This shade is such a beautiful and intense shade and is extremely pigmented. This color has a very elegant and royal vibe and looks good on any skin tone.

    Saturn- is a matte rusty orange eyeshadow. This shadow applies to the skin very smoothly and is nicely pigmented for a matte eyeshadow. This is beautiful color to apply in the crease or to use as a transition color.

    Eternal- this is a metallic copper toned eyeshadow. This shade is quite similar to Sphinx except it has a bit more gold in it and is a little brighter. This shade is very creamy and opaque and goes on well with just one swipe.

     Lure- this is a matte cool toned eyeshadow. This shade is very opaque and isn’t chalky at all. This shade is very versatile and would look beautiful as a lid color, transition color, or crease color. This color may come off a little ashy on darker skin tones.